From disco-y wetlook to virgin Brazilian


In homage to Americanah’, a spot more hair business.  There was actually a sign in a local hairdresser advertising Virgin Brazilian hair.  We weren’t sure if the adjective was being applied to the donator or the hair itself.  I’m afraid I was too much of a coward to ask.

Anyway, it makes the days of wetlook and gericurl seem so much more innocent.


2 thoughts on “From disco-y wetlook to virgin Brazilian

  1. Hi Patrice I have so much enjoyed what I have read on your blog.
    I nearly died with laughter what with the brazilian and all that!!!!
    I understand how much fun you are.
    I love your photo with the classical head.
    It looks female but could it be Poseidon, what with the tail and all that?
    Thanks for the insight into your creative journey.
    I have collected a few Vintage(50’s) children’s books because I loved the illustrations.I thought at one time they could be valuable but whilst talking to a bookseller I discovered the Marie Stopes volume is of far greater value.Apparently it is an early form of porn!! NOT MUCH CHANGES.

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    • Hi Judith! Thanks for commenting. the photo was taken in Marseilles, a rare shot of me looking happy. It was outside a museum dedicated to the French national anthem. Funnily enough, when you wrote this, I was at the Hackney Central Library to see the writer Ben Aaranovitch talking about his book ‘Rivers of London’. In it, he makes a good few references to black women’s hair – he’d obviously done some considerable research! We have some vintage children’s encyclopedia that make us smile… Mary Stopes – early porn! Seriously?? Apparently she used to work in Holloway Rd. Take care!


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