Vintage that me sigh (not cry): old children’s book cover designs

Living in a part of London where ‘vintage’ means secondhand and damn expensive, I loved these book covers.  These are the old books that pop up in jumble sales and charity stores.  I so want to be a warrior, while reading the nursery rhymes.


From disco-y wetlook to virgin Brazilian


In homage to Americanah’, a spot more hair business.  There was actually a sign in a local hairdresser advertising Virgin Brazilian hair.  We weren’t sure if the adjective was being applied to the donator or the hair itself.  I’m afraid I was too much of a coward to ask.

Anyway, it makes the days of wetlook and gericurl seem so much more innocent.


Geek joy – the interactive periodic table of storytelling

Welcome, welcome to the first May.  It’s Writer Distraction Activity Day.  Welcome to the interactive periodic table of TV storytelling.

You have been warned….

Is that the click, click of ‘righthand cat’ and ‘artifact of doom’, I hear?