Misadventures of a frizzy-haired girl

The God channel, the market, the attitude and the rip off. Yup – another ‘black hair’ story. This made me laugh out loud.


I was born with the misfortune of having naturally unsightly hair. My Dad is English/Polish and my mum is originally from Jamaica. I’m from Lancashire and my hair looks like dark chocolate flavoured candy floss that has wilted in the rain. Not a good look in my opinion.

Unfortunately I don’t have a cool thick ‘fro like my sister or natural, bouncy ringlets. Countless times people have encouraged me to ‘go natural’, unknowing that many of the gorgeous looking ‘natural’ women of TV, are either very lucky or are in fact wearing a wig. My auntie always jokes “you should never ask a black woman about her hair”; but its true, the reality of the lengths we have to go to is like a sordid secret.

No one has ever told me I had rubbish hair; it’s just the conclusion I’ve drawn from everything I’ve seen since since birth. I…

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