60s soulboy, 70s disco or 80s Britfunk?



Time to get the music books out.  My 16-year-old protagonist has inherited his dad’s beloved record collection.  He’s lying on spit-smeared mattress in a police cell, his heart thumping double speed, his brain like mush.  He’s trying to build a playlist in his head, old tracks from his dad’s vinyl.  What’s he listening to inside his head?  I need to know.

In another part of my life, I’ve been editing a Tumblr blog, http://mastersoftheairwaves.tumblr.com/ , promoting a book on the history of UK pirate radio in the voices of the people who were there.  It has been a steep learning curve for me, but a useful tool for my research.  Having had help from a coroner, Met police officers, people working with gangs and those willing to disclose the secret lives of teenage boys… You Tubing soul, Britfunk and sparkling 70s disco has been a serious relief.

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